Zantrex 3 Diet Pill(45)

zantrex 3 fat burner Zantrex 3 Diet PillZantrex 3 is one of the better known diet pills in America as it is plastered over the television quite regularly. They make boasts such as being the best diet pill or the best fat burner but unfortunately it does seem to be just that, a boast.

It has been for sale for a while as the “best ephedra replacement” which has been banned because of it’s side effects but the replacement supplement is nowhere close to being as effective as ephedra ever was. In fact from what we can tell you will get as much weight loss from caffeine as from the ephedra replacement Xanthine.

What is Zantrex 3?

It is a fat burner similar to others on here such as Capsiplex but where products like that have independent studies to prove they work Zantrex seems to just have unproven testimonials.

Why buy Zantrex 3?

  • It may lose you some weight
  • If you are in the US it’s easy to get

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Are there any side effects?

Some but nothing too bad. Zantrex use a dosage equivalent to 3 cups of coffee which isn’t too bad but it is supposedly addictive which is why we suggest not to buy this.

Does Zantrex 3 work?

We can’t say for sure. I suppose drinking 3 cups of coffee would give you extra energy to lose weight but there are no studies and the testimonials are so ridiculous that I won’t even mention them.

Would we buy it?

No, even if it weren’t addictive there is no proof it works. That as well as how hard it is to get in the UK because of shipping costs makes it a bad idea. There are better fat burners available such as Capsiplex or if you want click the page link at top labeled 3 best fat burners.