Zalestrim Slimming Pills(63)

zalestrim ZalestrimZalestrim would be every womans dream if there claims were to be believed. Everyone knows we have reviewed diet pills on this site that claim to have multiple benefits but this one goes a bit too far.

The makers of this want you to believe that any woman using this slimming pills will lose weight, enjoy breast enhancement and even have a better libido.

It isn’t often we get a chance to see a dream pill but if this could really do that then almost every woman on the planet could look like a supermodel which is totally unrealistic.

How does Zalestrim work?

Well, to be frank it just doesn’t. We know there are pills and creams to increase your libido and even for breast enhancement which we believe work. We also know some diet pills work but the ingredients in this just won’t allow any, let alone all three things to happen.

What you get from Zalestrim

  • False hope
  • Wasted money
  • A lighter wallet

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Are there side effects?

The biggest chance of anything causing any side effect is the caffeine which may give you a slight energy boost but coffee is cheaper.

Where you can buy from

We won’t even link to their site but check out Ebay, there are plenty of sellers there selling to people who have high hopes and are desperate.

Slimming tablets that will help you lose weight

Here are a few good diet pills that will help you lose weight. Capsiplex fat burner, Unique Hoodia appetite suppressant and Proactol fat binder. If you notice this review isn’t as detailed as others it’s because we were busy laughing at the claims.