trimspa diet tablets TrimspaTrimspa is a decent looking weight loss pill that shot to fame when Anna Nicole Smith told the media she lost 30lbs in under a couple of months. She claimed it was through Trimspa and nothing else but this was later found out to be a lie.

She had actually abused the pill by taking too much, used laxatives and colon cleansers as well as starving herself. This has to be one of the most dangerous methods of weight loss and as such not recommended.

What is Trimspa?

Trimspa is an appetite suppressant what helps to stop hunger. This also stops certain cravings for fatty foods.

What Timspa gives you

  • Less hunger pangs
  • Less cravings
  • More energy

What’s in Trimspa?

The main ingredient now is Unique Hoodia along with Chromium, Glucomannan, Cocoa Extract, Green Tea Extract and a few others. This is different from the older version of Trimspa which used the now banned Ephedra.

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Are there side effects?

There are a few that have been reported. These include anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, restlessness, chest pain and vomiting.

Would we buy it?

No, this product counts on Unique Hoodia to work and actually costs more than it. You may as well buy the real thing plus there are no side effects with Unique Hoodia.