Slim Weight Patch (83)


11485 Slim Weight PatchSlim Weight Patch are trying to undo what other patches have done over the last few years. Where other patches such as Lepatch failed publicly and were made to be taken off the market and even fined this new patch actually works.

The main difference between this slimming patch and others is the unique band aid material instead of the usual rubber patch which allows the skin to breathe better.

What’s in a slimweight patch?

There are a lot of ingredients, all of which aid weight loss through one form or another.  Fucus Vesiculosus, 5 HTP, Guarana, Garcinia cambogia, DHEA, Zinc Pyruvate and Yerba Mate are just some of them which makes this patch capable of doing what a lot of pills do.

Why buy Slim Weight Patch?

  • Patches deliver 95% active ingredients
  • Same amount present in bloodstream through the day
  • Less chance of side effects

You can find out more about this slimming patch here

What else is different about the patches?

11328 Slim Weight PatchFirstly you can lose weight even while you sleep and you don’t need to remember anything except the patch first thing in the morning. As mentioned above you get 95% of the active ingredients as opposed to pills and tablets where you get just 5%.

With pills you get a large dose which diminishes the longer you go before the next diet pill, with a patch the dosage is stable through the day.

Are there any side effects?

None have been reported as yet and as with dieting pills or tablets where the biggest danger of side effects happen while digesting the ingredients most problems are sidestepped.

Does the patch work?

11054 Slim Weight PatchIn our opinion and in a word, yes. Every ingredient has a job, whether as an appetite suppressant or for extra energy they all play a part. The biggest thing they have managed to get around is the way it gets into the bloodstream, this way works.

There are many advantages of patches over pills as slimming aids but most people would believe that where one company failed all the others will. Well, we have tested a load of products and this beats a lot of the diet pills. Without further tests we cannot say this is the best product but it is effective.

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