Relacore Diet Pills(60)

relacore Relacore Diet PillsRelacore is one of the very few diet pills that don’t fit into any sort of category. It is neither an appetite suppressant, fat burner or even a fat binder.

The makers of this slimming tablet claim that weight gain is basically down to living a stressful life and that this releases too much Cortisol in the body which makes losing weight difficult. They claim this diet pill can help you lose weight by lowering Cortisol. This is done by making you feel less stressed, if this was true then sedatives would be a great weight loss tablet.

How does Relacore work?

It supposedly works by making you feel more relaxed and happy. This is not a standard diet pill and we find it almost funny reviewing this but we try to do all the diet pills, even the silly ones.

What will Relacore give me?

  • Less stress so less Cortisol
  • Lose weight from feeling happy

PLEASE try an alternative to this

Does Relacore work?

Considering the rest of this review it seems a funny question. If being happy made you thin then you would probably have problems finding a fat comedian.

What’s in Relacore?

They don’t specify a key ingredient anywhere on their site and there seems to be no list anywhere of what goes into it.

Is it guaranteed?

No, there is no guarantee with it and even if there were we seriously doubt you could get it as the only information on their site for contacting them is an email.

Where to buy it?

The product can only be bought from their site officially though you may find some on ebay etc. The fact they have no address for complaints or orders would be a worry.

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