Qnexa Diet Pill Fails FDA Test

With obesity problems getting more common there has been a recent rush of pharmaceutical firms trying to find the next best diet pill. Qnexa is one of these and has been trying to get FDA approval but has now failed.

Qnexa diet pills contain a mixture of Phentermine and Toparamite. Phentermine is an amphetamine and has been known to have a lot of side effects which is why it s prescription only. Toparamite is an anticonvulsant.

Qnexa in itself has been said to have some side effects such as memory loss and lack of concentration. This being said it was still expected to pass FDA as there are many prescription drugs out there with bigger side effects.

So why did it fail?

It failed in a 10 to 6 vote of FDA people because of a few reasons, the main one being that no definitive results on whether it caused cardiovascular problems could result from taking it.

Another problem was they thought it increased the chance of psychiatric problems and also some cognitive functions. They also said that both ingredients on there own are too risky so combining them was too big a risk.

But does Qnexa work?

Yes, in a test some of the subjects lost an average of 10% body weight which is an amazing stat. The worrying one though is that 40% of these subjects dropped out before the end of the test because of side effects.

Considering the are other more dangerous diet pills out there we are surprised it didn’t get FDA approval but of course there is nothing stopping them from trying to get it through again at a later date. We think it could be used for people who are at a dangerous weight where the weight risks are worse than the side effects.

If it ever does get passed as a diet pill it will be prescription only and then only available to the clinically obese because of the problems.

There are some alternatives. People looking for similar effects though not as strong would be advised to try Phen375 though there are better diet pills at dietpillsweight.