Proactol Fat Binder (95)

80651 Proactol Fat BinderProactol is an herbal fat binder but even so only became non prescription in 2005. This is not a diet pill as such but a fat binder which stops your body from absorbing an amazing 28% of the fat you eat.

Because it is 100% herbal you can also be assured Proactol Fat Binder is a 100% safe diet supplement.


What are the advantages of Proactol?

Being a fat binder instead of a diet tablet there won’t be any of the so called yoyo dieting. Proactol fat binder works by stopping your body absorbing fat which in turn means less calories and so on. Another big advantage is that there are no side effects so it is safe for anyone to use.

Why Buy Proactol?

  • Cut calorie intake immediately
  • Binds up to 28% fat
  • A slimmer you naturally

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What the papers say about Proactol

10766 Proactol Fat BinderUnusually when Proactol fat binder first came out there was no fanfare, the fanfare came about in 2006 after a lady lost a third of her weight and 6 dress sizes in just 7 months.

This 26 year old from the UK made Proactol an instant success but since then others such as Posh spice to the right have claimed marvelous results with this slimming aid.

Who else recommends it?

There are plenty of famous people who use it but more importantly in our eyes are the doctors. They have given Proactol fat binder a certificate as a Medical device type 1. This means it has medical benefits and is safe to use. There aren’t many dieting pills that have this certificate and this is another reason why this product is our number 1 choice.

Discounts for buying online

10343 Proactol Fat Binder Up until the end of the year you can get discounts on orders for 4 months or greater by quoting code PROAC8. This is on top of the already massive discounts you get for buying online. Again, this in our eyes is the number one dieting aid for this year.

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