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SlimKick Bottle Slim Kick Chilli PillsSlim Kick Chilli Pills are the latest diet pills that use a metabolism booster to help you lose weight. A lot have appeared since the amount of media attention received by Capsiplex and this is quite a good product.

Anybody who has eaten hot peppers will have noticed how much they perspire, this is the best sign that you metabolism is going through the roof. This happens as the peppers raise the bodies internal heat which increases the natural fat burning of your body. Even without exercise your body will burn more calories.

What is SlimKick?

SlimKick is a fat burner as it increases your metabolism to burn more fat. It is also an appetite suppressant and even works as a detox pill.

Why buy SlimKick?

  • Burn calories even when doing no exercise
  • Feel less hungry at all times
  • You will have more energy
  • Also works as a detox system

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How does this compare with other diet pills?

slim kick Slim Kick Chilli PillsSlim Kick is one of those all round weight loss supplements that compares well with Capsiplex, there aren’t that many that can. As well as being on a par with it’s fat burning abilities it also acts as an appetite suppressant and a detox system.

There are many testimonials on there site and we have about a lot more that have had great success with these slimming tablets. These fat burners are very new on the market which is why not many will have heard of them but once the celebrities start taking these we think it will take off as well as Capsiplex did.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been reported but as the ingredients are all herbal with chili as the main ingredient then none can be expected.

What sort of person will this help lose weight?

All sorts really though it is mainly aimed at the people who have trouble following an exercise routine. You can really lose weight sitting in a chair but it is recommended to stick to medium calorie meals when using these diet pills. They burn fat but if you eat 10 cakes a day it won’t help you.

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Bontril Appetite Suppressant

Bontril Appetite Suppressant(75)

bontril 135x150 Bontril Appetite SuppressantBontril is a prescription only appetite suppressant. Most of the diet pills are appetite suppressant as these are found to be the most effective weight loss supplements around.

As with most prescription diet pills there are many side effects which is why you should only get these from your GP. Never buy them from the internet or anywhere else as there are many risks with these pills.

What is Bontril?

Bontril is an appetite suppressant, much the same as Unique Hoodia with the exception that Hoodia is safe.

What are the side effects?

There are many but include headaches, restlessness, over stimulation, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, constipation, nervousness, insomnia, or dry mouth.

Looking for a safe appetite suppressant?

Apart from the risks doe it work?

Yes, it does work well, maybe even as well as Unique Hoodia but check with your GP before thinking about taking it and ask him how it compares with Hoodia.

Are there any other alternatives?

Unique Hoodia is the highest scoring alternative but there are others on here including Hoodia Patch and Appesat.

Customer Feedback 3

Customer Feedback 3

The page is the third one for perople to leave their diet pills customer feedback of the ones they have tried or for people to look at who are undecided on which one to try. If you are leaving it please remember the score from 100 which people tend to use a lot.

The same rules apply and if you want to leave feedback please go back to the first page and use the link there.

Diet Pills Customer Feedback

I tried Capsiplex as it seems to have the best reviews on here and the best feedback. I can see why after using it for just a month, ive lost more weight than with anything else ive ever tried and have so much energy. Usually with diets i get so tired so easy from lack of food that i had to come off it. With this i have energy to waste and feel so much better even with less food.

Leighton from Chester

I bought Unique Hoodia about 3 months ago and can honestly say i had doubts about it. In fact if they didn’t have the 6 months guarantee I wouldnt have even bout them. Luckily i havent needed the guarantee, they worked so much better than others i have tried. I think the claim that you can eat up to 2000 calories a day less is a bit far fetched, most people dont even eat that much but i can say they stop you feeling hungry. I lost over 2.5 stone so i can happily give these 96 from 100.

Bill from Stockport

I’d heard of Capsiplex anyway but after reading the reviews on here i decided it was worth a go. So far i haven’t seen one bad review and im not going to be the first one. They’ve worked brilliantly. I will say that if you get them you should take them as soon as you get up or you wont be sleeping much that night, you have so much energy you just wont work through it all. I never give top marks so this gets 99 from 100.

Chris from Maidenhead

I went for Meratol myself after seeing how well it supposedly worked for some TV stars. I am always skeptical but didn’t see any harm in trying them. The side effects seemed less than some others so i gave them a go and was pleasantly surprised. They aren’t a miracle diet pill but i did lose weight steadily at around 2-3lb a week, just a little over what is considered safe. I totally recommend these diet pills with 96 from 100

Seren from Dartford

I bought Capsiplex after reading the reviews on here and more importantly the customer feedback which is why i decided to leave some of my own. Capsiplex leaves you with so much energy it’s like you’ve taken some sort of drug, you’ll find yourself cleaning the house or looking for other things to do. You also won’t east as much so you can’t help but lose weight. This gets 99 from 100 for me, helped me lose weight and must work for everyone.

Dan from Stockport


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