Orovo Diet pills

Orovo Diet pills(44)

orovo Orovo Diet pillsOrovo is another miracle diet pill if you believe the company that sells it. They even claim it can make you look younger but being an American pill there may be some that will believe this.

They have even made the bottle it comes in look like it’s a designer pill. There is also one other weight loss pill that is so similar they could basically be the same pill. The name of that one which will also get a seperate review is Lipovox. There is practically no difference in these weight loss pills.

How does Orovo work?

It supposedly works around the superfood market where you not only lose weight but reverse aging as well. Unfortunately as with Lipovox there are more complaints about this pill than any standard one.

What will Orovo give me?

  • Supposedly up to 14lbs a week weight loss(lol)
  • Make you look younger

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Does Orovo work?

No, not in the slightest. This diet pill has so many complaints week in week out it’s amazing they are still in business.

Are there any side effects?

None but then again there is nothing in this diet pill that can cause them or any other type of effect.

Would we buy it?

No, Orovo, Lipovox and even 7 day fat burner (7DFB) to some extent are all similar in that they promise miracles but deliver nothing.

What are the alternatives?

If you are looking for similar products try the ones above though if you want products that work you would be better with Proactol or Unique Hoodia, some may prefer Capsiplex as a fat burner.

Apidexin Fat Burner

Apidexin Fat Burner(63)

apidexin fat burner1 Apidexin Fat BurnerApidexin is a fat burner which boasts having 8 weight loss ingredients. This product may well help you lose weight but they lose all credibility with the claims you get as soon as you hit their site.

The first is that you will lose 4-7lbs per week. Apart from being very unlikely it is also very unhealthy. This would just invite the yo-yo diet which causes so many problems. The second claim is that you will lose 400% more weight but they don’t tell you what the percentage is going against. If it’s you will lose 400% more than you would eating take-away food then most can claim that.

How does Apidexin work?

Apedexin is a fat burner meaning it lets you burn the fat in your body stores as opposed to the fat you eat.

What will I get from Apidexin?

  • Burn extra calories while exercising
  • Have more energy through the day
  • Lose weight faster

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Does Apidexin work?

Yes, it probably does but not to the extent it says, you really won’t burn as much as 7lbs per week.

What are the 8 ingredients?

Razberi-K, Infinergy, Guggul, Lipolide-SC, Forslean 95% Forskohliin, Bioperine, Wakame Seaweed, Thermodiamine are the 8 that are all well known ingredients for fat burning.

Are there side effects?

The most common ones are restlessness, insomnia and increased heart rate but most fat burners have that even if it is to a lesser degree.

Would we buy it?

Honestly no, but that’s because of their outlandish claims and the fact we know of better products. Capsiplex is a lot better fat burner and even better than that is Proactol though that is a fat binder.

Fedramine Appetite Suppressant

Fedramine Appetite Suppressant(74)

fedramine appetite suppressant Fedramine Appetite SuppressantFedramine is an appetite suppressant which according to the manufacturers will also give you an energy boost. It has obviously used it’s name to make comparisons with Phentermine which is a prescription only diet pill.

That is where it ends though, it has a totally different formula and from what we can gather has a totally different result as far as weight loss is concerned. This product has had a lot of hype in the USA but there doesn’t seem much proof of whether it works.

How does Fedramine work?

It works as an appetite suppressant to lower hunger pangs and as an energy boost leaving you enough energy to exercise.

What will Fedramine give me?

  • Eat smaller meals so less calories
  • Better digestion
  • Extra energy boost

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What’s in Fedramine?

It contains vitamin B12, Manganese, Metabromine, Guarana and Green Tea along with a few other ingredients.

Does Fedramine work?

In our opinion we would prefer more proof. All of the ingredients have something to do with weight loss but we haven’t seen this combination.

Is it guaranteed?

We can’t find a refund policy on their site but if you live in the UK it may not matter anyway.

Where to get it?

Basically you can’t get it shipped here, it’s only available in the USA so if you did manage to get it here then you obviously could not return it even if they started a refund policy.

Are there better appetite suppressants?

Yes, our best 3 can be found by clicking on the page link at the top or you could go for the one we reviewed as the best appetite suppressant Unique Hoodia.