Slim Bomb Slimming Pills

Slim Bomb Slimming Pills(72)

slim bomb Slim Bomb Slimming PillsSlim Bomb is the diet pill from a company called Dplan UK. This company is well known for it’s success in selling everything from the best diet pills through to teeth whitening products.

Even though this pill has been out for a while now it underwent a change with a brand new formula that has seen a lot of people giving good reviews on it.

For that reason we decided it was only fair to give it a new review. You may also remember this pill under a different name, it has been called “the blue bomb” amongst other names.

How does Slim Bomb work?

It works in two ways, first as an appetite suppressant and secondly as a fat burner. This means it will help you burn your bodies stored fat while preventing you from building the fat stores back up.

Why buy Slim Bomb?

  • Lose fat for a slimmer you
  • Eat less and not feel hungry
  • More confidence

More info on Slim Bomb can be found here

What are the ingredients?

The main ingredients are caffeine, green tea leaf extract and Cha de Bugre. There is also a capsule with other ingredients inside such as gelatin.

Are there any side effects?

Some but nothing to worry about, the biggest one is restlessness if you take the pills too late. Mild headaches and increased heart rate have also been mentioned.

Is this the best fat burner?

Not by a long shot but we believe you could lose some weight with this. The best fat burner is Capsiplex with the best diet pill being Proactol. Take a look at their reviews before deciding. We know not everyone will listen to this advice so below is a link to buy Slim Bomb

Buy Slim Bomb here

Calxpel Fat Burner

Calxpel Fat Burner(82)

calxpel Calxpel Fat BurnerCalxpel is another good fat burner that is fairly new to the diet pills market. It works in the same way as other fat burners with the added bonus of being a decent appetite suppressant.

Another good thing about this fat burner is you just have to take two tablets once a day, before or after breakfast so no more forgetting to take your tablets.

How does Calxpel work?

It works by first boosting your metabolism to a very high rate and helping you to burn off the stored fat in the body. Next it works as an appetite suppressant so you feel fuller and eat less so there’s less fat going into your body.

Why buy Calxpel?

  • Feel fuller for longer
  • Burn fat for a slimmer you
  • Totally herbal
  • Just one dose a day

Find more info on Calxpel here

What is in Calxpel?

calxpel fat burner Calxpel Fat BurnerAs stated Calxpel is totally herbal. Ingredients include Citrus Aurantium Extract, Guarana Extract, Bee Pollen, Siberian Ginseng Root Powder and a few others.

The bee pollen is a bonus as it works as an antioxidant and gives extra nutrition.

Are there any side effects?

None, being totally herbal means there won’t be any side effects.

Is this the best fat burner?

No, the best fat burner around at the moment is Capsiplex but this is still very good. It has some extras like the bee pollen but for effectiveness Capsiplex wins.

You can buy Calxpel here

Lipo 6 Fat Burners

Lipo 6 Fat Burners (89)

lipo6 Lipo 6 Fat BurnersLipo 6 is one of the best fat burners on the market. It compares well with products like Capsiplex, in fact as a newer product it is rising so fast it is one of the most searched diet pills around at the moment.

It is made by a company called Nutrex and was released in 2005 but only lately has enjoyed a lift after loads of testimonials and clinical studies pushed it’s sales through the roof. They now use the maximum strength that is allowed through a liquid capsule which has made it work so well since the dosage was increased.

How does Lipo 6 work?

Lipo 6 has 6 key ingredients, hence the name, these work together as a fat burner helping to burn the fat from your body. This allows you to gain muscle also with better muscle definition.

Why choose Lipo 6?

  • You will have loads more energy
  • Lose fat quickly
  • Better muscle definition

Find more info on Lipo 6 here

What are the ingredients?

lipo 6 fat burners Lipo 6 Fat BurnersThe ingredients are mainly herbal.We list them below with what they do.

Synephrine – enhance fat breakdown

Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones Z&E- speed up metabloism

Yohimbine HCL – fat breakdown

Caffeine - energy boost

Bioperine - boost detox capability

Are there any side effects?

Unfortunately yes, nothing serious and these go away when you stop taking Lipo 6 but we have listed them below.

  • Loss of sleep
  • Increased heart rate
  • Light headaches
  • Increase in perspiration

How does this compare as a fat burner?

Lipo 6 compares very well with others. None scored better and the only one we have reviewed with the same score is Capsiplex. We couldn’t decide between the two but put Capsiplex at top because of the amount of media attention it got with so many famous testimonials.

You can buy Lipo 6 here