Nuphedragen Fat Burner(56)

nuphedragen Nuphedragen Fat BurnerNuphedragen is a standard fat burner which should allow it to work but because of the way this company goes about trying to confuse you we would suggest staying away.

Fat burners aren’t really recommended as the best diet pills but there are some good ones around such as Capsiplex.

This is one product that we wouldn’t recommend though because they seem to think they can baffle you to the point that you will buy the product. Nuphedragen simply isn’t even the best fat burner let alone a good diet pill.

What is Nuphedragen?

Nuphedragen is a fat burner that claims to enhance your CART ( the bit of the body that controls metabolism) and inhibit your NPY(supposedly the bit that makes you want to eat fatty foods).

What Nuphedragen gives you

  • Less hunger
  • Less cravings
  • More energy
  • Higher metabolism

What are the alternative fat burners?

The best alternative fat burner is easily Capsiplex. This is one fat burner that works.

Are there any side effects?

We can’t say no for definite as this is a new product with not much feedback on side effects. Going by the list of ingredients we can only see the possibility of restlessness, insomnia and maybe slight headaches, much the same as an overdose of caffeine.

Would we buy it?

No, if for no other reason than there are better fat burners out there. There are other reasons as well such as the product is new and we can’t find clinical tests or that they purposely try to baffle you with science. Why not just put on their site that it raises metabolism and stops cravings?

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