Lipovox Slimming Pills(54)

lipovox Lipovox Slimming PillsLipovox weight loss pills are branding themselves a superpill. Their reason for this is the outlandish claims of weight loss but along with that a list of extra things it can help with.

Similar to Orovo it claims you can burn up to 400% more fat than normal dieting but also claims to be anti aging similar to Orovo with one extra feature, it can clear up your acne. Now I know this goes well in the US where people tend to believe a lot more hype than over in the UK but surely people need to question such unbelievable claims.


How does Lipovox work?

Basically read Orovo reivew or to sum it up, it doesn’t. It’s supposed to be full of superfoods which help with loads of conditions.

What will Lipovox give me?

  • Supoosedly incredible weight loss
  • Less spots
  • look younger

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Does Lipovox work?

It’s hard to answer this but in our opinion no chance. There are some who claim that it works but at least double as many send in complaints that it doesn’t.

What’s in Lipovox?

Brazilian Acai, Barley Juice, Buck Wheat, Alfalfa Extracts, Cayenne Pepper, Wheat Grass, Green Tea and Salmon. There are others but too many to mention. The funny thing is the only real superfood in there is the Acai. I mean, salmon as a diet ingredient, may as well go on a fish diet.

Are there side effects?

Not unless you include no weight loss as an effect. We can’t say about the acne or age reversal but if a fountain of youth existed I think it would be a little better known.

Would we buy it?

A definite no even though this diet pill is so well searched. Lipovox and even Orovo and 7 day fat burner are searched well on the net mainly because of the large scale marketing campaign so for us to give a good review would be better for this site but the fact is we would lose all credibility.

Alternative diet pills

The only alternatives to this are Orovo and 7DFB but if you are looking for weight loss pills that work then we suggest Proactol or Unique Hoodia