Lipobind Diet Pills (81)


10262 Lipobind Fat BinderLipobind is the most sold diet pill in the UK, part of the reason for this is the tremendous amount of marketing that was done and the other main thing is fact it is so easy to get hold. It is sold in most supermarkets and chemists and as such is readily available.

The fact it is also very cheap helps as well and can only be beaten price wise by it’s main competitor Adios. Quite a few celebrities use this as well which has aided it’s marketing.

Who uses Lipobind?

People who want to cut down on their fat consumption but can’t do without fried chips and so on will find this helpful. Amongst the celebrities to use this slimming aid are Lucy Benjamin, Katie Hill and Melinda Messenger.

What are the benefits of Lipobind?

  • Lower cholesterol
  • Absorbs less fat
  • Bind up to 27% of fat for a slimmer you

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Does Lipobind work?

lipobindkatyhill Lipobind Fat BinderIf you are looking for a quick fix it works well but some people say that once off this product you can easily put the weight back on again. This type of yoyo dieting is well known but of course some people would be able to keep the weight off.

Katie Hill to the right claims to have lost over 4 stone using Lipobind so it does work as long as you can keep the weight off.

Are there any side effects?

As an herbal fat binder there are no known side effects. The company that make this product advise you to also take vitamin supplements as a way to keep up your energy which you will lose from not having the fat. This could be taken as a good sign, depending on what you think about it.

Our view on Lipobind

I’m in two minds over this one, there are many people who have made big weight losses with this but the thought of maybe putting the weight back on is not good. I know a lot of people who suffer from the yoyo dieting and have always thought it was a case of getting back into bad habits. If you can avoid this then it could work to make you slimmer.

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