Hydroxycut Fat Burner(60)

hydroxycut Hydroxycut Fat BurnerHydroxycut was well known in America and claimed to be the number one best selling weight loss supplement but the again so did many others.

It is sold by a company called Iovate but has recently been taken off the shelves. This was due to serious health risks or side effects involved.

This is a shame because it did work as a fat burner, maybe not as good as others but it did work to an extent.

How did it work?

As with all fat burners it raised your metabolism and helped you to burn fat as opposed to stopping you feeling hungry.

What did it give you

  • Reduced hunger
  • More energy
  • Fast weight loss

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What are the alternative fat burners now?

The best fat burner around is Capsiplex but an even better diet pill is Proactol which is the best diet pill we have come across.

Are there side effects?

Yes, as Hydroxycut was linked to Ephedra which is now banned it has a lot of the similar risks such as dizziness, sweats and increased heart rate.

Is it still possible to get?

Not legally though I daresay there are some around somewhere. Why would you want to risk taking something that is so dangerous it has been recalled though.

What other alternatives are there?

Capsiplex and Proactol as mentioned above and maybe Unique Hoodia are the best alternatives though only Capsiplex is a fat burner.