Fibretrim Diet Shake (84)


13255 Fibretrim Slimming Aid Fibretrim is basically Zotrim in a shake form. This will however work as it goes straight to your system. Just take a shake in the morning before breakfast and you will feel fuller throughout the day.

It works exactly the same as Zotrim as an appetite suppressor. It has the same ingredients,  yerbe maté, guarana and damiana which are well known for there good use in healthy eating.

How does Fibretrim work?

Fibretrim is a mix of herbs that you add to water to make a shake. You drink one before breakfast which will help you to feel fuller straight away and possibly one before dinner if you want to speed up the effects or are feeling the effects of the first one wearing off.

Why pick Fibretrim?

  • No more hunger pangs
  • You will eat 200 less calories per day
  • You will feel less need to snack on fatty foods

You can rad about Fibretrim here

Are there any side effects?

13289 Fibretrim Slimming AidThere are no side effects as with Zotrim. Zotrim has been around for a while now and nobody has ever reported any side effects at all.

Because these weight loss supplements contain only 100% natural ingredients there really isn’t much that can cause side effects.

Also something that should be noted is that everyone who has reported back has mentioned some sort of success with this.

Does Fibretrim work?

This appetite suppressant has undergone strict tests at Liverpool University and below are some of the results.

  • 24 people lost an average 11lbs over 45 days
  • 56 people lost an average 4.3cm from their waist over 28 days
  • 58 people reduced their caloie intake by 17.6% at lunch

These studies seem to prove that this product works.

How sure are they that this works?

13302 Fibretrim Slimming AidThey must be very sure as they are offering a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. This is a very big company and well respected as the people who brought you Zotrim.

For this reason alone I would recommend Fibretrim as a great way to lose weight.

This is a good option if you prefer a tasty shake to drink in the mornings instead of taking diet pills with water.

You can buy it by clicking on this link