Fedramine Appetite Suppressant(74)

fedramine appetite suppressant Fedramine Appetite SuppressantFedramine is an appetite suppressant which according to the manufacturers will also give you an energy boost. It has obviously used it’s name to make comparisons with Phentermine which is a prescription only diet pill.

That is where it ends though, it has a totally different formula and from what we can gather has a totally different result as far as weight loss is concerned. This product has had a lot of hype in the USA but there doesn’t seem much proof of whether it works.

How does Fedramine work?

It works as an appetite suppressant to lower hunger pangs and as an energy boost leaving you enough energy to exercise.

What will Fedramine give me?

  • Eat smaller meals so less calories
  • Better digestion
  • Extra energy boost

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What’s in Fedramine?

It contains vitamin B12, Manganese, Metabromine, Guarana and Green Tea along with a few other ingredients.

Does Fedramine work?

In our opinion we would prefer more proof. All of the ingredients have something to do with weight loss but we haven’t seen this combination.

Is it guaranteed?

We can’t find a refund policy on their site but if you live in the UK it may not matter anyway.

Where to get it?

Basically you can’t get it shipped here, it’s only available in the USA so if you did manage to get it here then you obviously could not return it even if they started a refund policy.

Are there better appetite suppressants?

Yes, our best 3 can be found by clicking on the page link at the top or you could go for the one we reviewed as the best appetite suppressant Unique Hoodia.