Fastin Diet Pills(52)

fastin Fastin Diet PillsFastin can honestly be classed as a true genius idea of a diet pill that doesn’t work. The original Fastin contained Phentermine which did work but was also dangerous so the owner of Fastin removed it form the market in 1998.

Since then the name has been bought, a diet pill with a new formula which does NOT include Phentermine has been made and used the name. Basically you have a diet pill with a very good name change over to a different product that people will buy without realising that this is a totally different product. For this reason alone you have to wonder about the honesty of the company selling this diet pill.

How does Fastin work?

It claims to be a fast acting weight loss pill that boosts your energy and even improves your mood. We can’t think how it does either as the ingredients have not been proven to do either.

What you SUPPOSEDLY get from Fastin

  • Better moods
  • Fat loss (opposed to weight loss)
  • Extra energy

You can find a good alternative here

Does Fastin work?

We can’t see how but we won’t say for definite that it wouldn’t work. Apart from the fact we don’t think the ingredients would help we also believe it is too expensive.

How expensive is Fastin?

At the moment in America it’s $90 per month so that’s about £60 in the UK without delivery.

Would we buy Fastin?

Never, after searching into it we don’t think it will work and there are so many better, cheaper options. If you want a Phentermine substitute you should try Phen375 or go for one of the best appetite suppressants Unique Hoodia.