Ephedra (69)


ephedra fat burner Ephedra Fat BurnerEphedra was easily the most well known product used for weight loss in America until in 2005 in was banned for being too dangerous. There have been a lot of people using similar names like Ephadrasil and so on but nothing has come close to being as effective.

The thing is though nothing else seems to have come close to being as dangerous or having as many harmful side effects.

How does Ephedra work?

It is a fat burner so it increases your heart rate and metabolism to burn off a lot more calories than normal. It is like Phentermine in that i mimics amphetamines and like those are also very dangerous. It’s main ingredient is Ephedrine so be careful of products containing this substance.

What are the side effects?

Unfortunately they are many and most highly dangerous. The minor ones are high blood pressure and memory loss when compared to the more extreme heart attacks, strokes and seizures.

A safer alternative can be found here

Does Ephedra work?

It used to but now it is impossible to find as it has been banned after many deaths were attributed to it. Whether it works or not should be irrelevant as any product that can kill isn’t worth it to lose some weight.

What is the best alternative?

Capsiplex is the leading fat burner and does the same job as Ephedra. Diet pills have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years and the good thing about Capsiplex fat burner is it’s made with Chilli extract which has no side effects.