Dietrine Carb Blocker (75)


8207 Dietrine Carb BlockerDietrine is a carb blocker that has some success though in our opinion there are better on the market.  It is still very cheap for what it does and helpful for certain types of people.

The good thing is it’s entirely herbal and though it’s not as good as say Proactol for weight loss these weight loss supplements have quite a bit going for them especially if you have trouble laying off cakes and biscuit.s

How does Dietrine Work?

It works using what they call a Phase 2 protein that blocks carbs. Carbs are collected by the body and turned into sugar and Dietrine uses Phase 2 to stop enzyme alpha amylase from converting carbs to glucose.

Why choose Dietrine?

  • Absorb less carbs
  • Less calories per meal
  • 100% natural ingredients

You can find more info on Dietrine here


Are there any side effects?

None at all, this product is 100% natural ingredients so even though they class as diet pills this really is safe.

What is a good alternative?

Decarb is a good alternative or slightly more popular is Bonita. Both are carb blockers and both work the same way in stopping your body absorbing starchy carbs. One more alternative that works in a different way is Proactol which is a fat binder instead.

What type of person does this work best for?

Me really and anyone else who has a problem giving up carbs. The biggest problem is it’s in most good foods from potatoes to pasta and cakes to biscuits. These slimming tablets claim to let you eat as many carbs as you want though I wouldn’t advise going too overboard.

You can buy Dietrine from here