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Diet Pills Feedback

Hello, i have bought a few diet pills in the pas but will give feedback only on the one i bought from you. I bought Capsiplex about 2 months ago but you never had this page going then. After using Capsiplex i can say for definite it helps. I don’t feel so hungry any more and seem to have a lot more energy, sometimes too much if im honest. I seem to be a bit too restless but as long as i take them early enough it doesn’t effect my sleep. I have lost over a stone since i started using it, about 7 weeks ago so just over 2 pounds a week on average. It doesn’t sound like much but i have been dieting a while and the weight loss seemeed to stop for months.

93 out of 100 for effectiveness, it did arrive quickly and even though its not the cheapest it definitely works better than others i have tried.

Jason Williams from Kent

I bought the Proactol when it was the number one ranked on your site, i see you’ve changed that to Meratol now. Proactol worked well for me and the one bad point wasnt too bad that i would stop using it. When you go to the toilet it is slightly oily, sorry for giving people bad images lol. Anyway, as long as you dont mind that it is a great diet pill. I managed to lose 12 pounds in about 3 weeks which luckily was all i needed to lose. I’m still taking them now as i have an habit of putting weight straight back on, being a bit below my ideal weight means i can do that a little.

Karen, Walsall

Hi, i bought the Unique Hoodia after reading about it on your site. I did this just before you changed the best product to Meratol but i cant see how that can be any better than Hoodia. It works great, I’m never really hungry and if i do treat myself to a Chinese now then me and the mrs share what i used to eat on my own. This is brilliant and has helped me lose loads of weight already, starting at 18 stone though it was probably easier for me. 97 out of 100, would give 100 but you never know if theres anything better out there.

Claire at Dundee

Meratol was the one i opted to try and am so glad i did. After a month of using it i have lost nearly a stone. The only other thing i have started to do is play golf and i cant believe that has made thi s much difference. I literally never feel hungry any more and am very happy with smaller portions. I’ve even given up the take away meals (blasted macdonalds breakfasts lol) Have to give this 98 out of 100, cant imagine anything working better but there may be at some time.

Carl from Telford

Seems I am the only one to try Unique Hoodia which was surprising given that you’re site supports it. At least i havent seen any other feedback for it on your site. A great diet pill that works so well. I’ve used it for 2 months and so far have averaged about 3lbs a week. At this rate i need about 6 more weeks then I’l be at what i consider to be my ideal weight (still 1.5 stone above what is officially ideal but thats a joke). I’d give Unique hoodia 94 from 100, great and easy to keep to.

Lee in Camarthen

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