Customer Feedback 5

The page is the fifth one for people to leave their diet pills customer feedback of the ones they have tried or for people to look at who are undecided on which one to try. If you are leaving it please remember the score from 100 which people tend to use a lot.

The same rules apply and if you want to leave feedback please go back to the first page and use the link there.

Diet Pills Customer Feedback

Having tried Capsiplex for the last month or so I have to say this is one amazing diet pill. Instead of stuffing myself over Christmas then trying for 6 months to get back in shape for the holidays I thought I would try and keep the weight off. This worked wonders, I had so much energy I couldn’t keep still and never fancied all the usual cakes and chocolates though I did have a few. All told I think I managed to lose about half a stone which is unheard of over Christmas. Excellent diet pill worthy of 99 from 100.

Dean from Rochdale

For those of you on here not sure what to try avoid any fat binders, i have tried them in the past and the mess coming from your backside is pretty much like used oil. I tried Unique Hoodia this time around and that is a different kettle of fish altogether. It stopped me feeling hungry, sometimes to the point where i had to remind myself to eat. All the cravings have gone and I haven’t had a Chinese takeaway or any sort of takeaway for almost 2 months now. In that time i have also stopped eating so much bread, used to eat about a loaf every 2 days, now a loaf lasts me a week easily. I have lost over 2 stone in weight and can’t praise this enough. A full 100 from 100 for me.

Mark from Abergavenny

Well, Capsiplex is the best diet pill ever. It has almost the same effect as speed, so much energy and not needing to eat at all means the weight absolutely flew off me. I’ve lost well over 3 stone and it’s still coming off now, of course I had a lot to lose in the first place. I’m not dieting as such, I just eat a lot less and have cut out the Chinese food because I just don’t fancy it any more. I still have a long way to go, maybe another 2.5 stone if you go by the exaggerated ideal weight thing. This gets 100 from 100 for me, surprised it’s even legal.

Les from Norwich

 I’d heard great things about Pure Acai and thought i’d tried most of the other pills so i may as well give this a go, at least it sounded healthy. It seems to work very well, i’ve had no side effects and it acts exactly as described, you have a lot more energy and feel full all the time. The best example of this was when i took the kids to the beach. I never realised till i got home that i hadn’t eaten since 9am and this was at about 7pm and i still could only manage a sandwich. I’ve lost just under 2 stone which is a record for me over 6 weeks. Waiting to pile it back on when i stop taking them though as seems to happen with most diet pills.

Leslie from Brighton

Having tried 3 products from this site, Capsiplex, Unique Hoodia and Alli i have to say i had the best results with Capsiplex. It gave me more energy and as i was on a fitness fling i saw great results. This is almost like Speed lol. The others worked in different ways, well, Alli didn’t work for me at all really but Hoodia left me feeling full all the time. I was going to take both together but apparently to burn off calories you need to eat so i stuck with Capsiplex. Altogether i lost nearly 3 stone but most of it was from Capsiplex. I suppose it depends on your problem, if it’s overeating then Hoodia may be best. 99 form 100 for Capsiplex though

Jeff in Sussex


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