Customer Feedback 4

The page is the fourth one for people to leave their diet pills customer feedback of the ones they have tried or for people to look at who are undecided on which one to try. If you are leaving it please remember the score from 100 which people tend to use a lot.

The same rules apply and if you want to leave feedback please go back to the first page and use the link there.

Diet Pills Customer Feedback

I bought Unique Hoodia because i have had problems with fat binders in the past. The discharge you can get from them is terrible. At least with Hoodia this isn’t a problem and it also works very well byt stopping you from being hungry. I have always had little willpower so by taking away cravings this diet pill has helped me no end. I have lost over 2 stone in as many months. I have to give this 97 from 100.

Diane from Ledbury

Capsiplex is the one i went for, it had just had a big write up in the news so I thought it would be worth a try. I’ve lost almost 2 stone now and still have enough left over to lose the final 7lbs I need to be at my ideal weight. I was very upset needing to get these because i hate taking anything like this, I don’t even take painkillers unless i really have to but after so long of diets not working i had to try something. I had so much energy and no hunger pangs at all so I give this 97 from 100.

Jo from Anglesey

After reading all the feedback i went for Capsiplex as many before me must have. It works as stated, loads more energy and less hunger pangs. I also had a lot less cravings, Chinese takeaways being my main problem. Having lost 2 stone in as many months i have to give this 97 from 100, as it works so well.

Jim from West Midlands.

I went for the Pure Acai Berry after reading the review on here even though I couldn’t find any feedback. It pleases me to be the first to leave some on this site and I can confirm that it works perfectly. Others seem to give you more energy and this is supposed to do the same but it didn’t do that so much for me, the biggest thing i did notice was never feeling hungry. I used to eat 5 meals a day and some snacks, I can barely manage 3 meals now, I feel that full all the time. 99 from 100 for me, works well and no side effects.

Terry from Swansea

Unique Hoodia was the one I went for. To be honest there are quite a few with good reviews on here so I wasn’t sure. I had decided to try a month of each but had some really good results with this the first month so i bought enough to get me down to my ideal weight if it stayed constant. It didn’t unfortunately, still losing weight well but at a slower pace though since i lost a stone the first month i suppose i should have expected that. Currently losing about 2lb a week, maybe a little more so it is well worth the money so 97 from 100 for me.

Dan from Essex


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