Curvelle Fat Burner(62)

curvelle Curvelle Fat BurnerCurvelle diet pills are from a company called Isotori and is sometimes called Curvelle for women. It claims to be a completely natural weight loss system for women.

The fact that they named it for women to us smacks of a marketing ploy. The fact is if a diet pill works, especially a general one like a fat burner then it will work for both sexes equally.

How does it work?

Curvelle is a fat burner and as such works to burn off fat. It uses a lot of the same ingredients as other fat burners but we can’t find out how much caffeine goes into it.

What you could get from Curvelle

  • Burn extra fat
  • Have more energy
  • Be more toned

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What are the ingredients?

These include some common ingredients such as Cinnamon Extract, Green Tea, Elderberry Extract and Caffeine and a new ingredient called Razberi-K.

Are there side effects?

No, no side effects or any effects that we can tell.

Does Curvelle work?

We can find no evidence that this works to lose weight and have low expectations of this having any chance to work.

Are there better fat burners around?

Yes, there are some good ones, these best 3 can be found at the top of the page while the best in our opinion is Capsiplex.

You can buy Capsiplex here