Chitosan Fat Blocker(64)

chitosan diet pills Chitosan Fat BlockerChitosan is a fat blocker that is made up of shellfish, mainly crab and shrimp. Chitosan is basically a generic substance that a lot of diet pills revolve around though it is far easier to review the substance than each and every diet pill made using this.

Chitosan supposedly blocks the body from absorbing fats in a similar way to the prescription diet pill Xenical which we have already said does work and the non prescription Proactol which has the best review of any diet pill we have seen. This does not mean that Chitosan works as well.

How does Chitosan work?

It blocks your body from absorbing fats which means you absorb less calories. There are many fat blockers available and all do the same job.

What will Chitosan give me?

  • Absorb less fat
  • Absorb less calories
  • Lowers cholesterol

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Are there side effects?

No, none that have been found but no real tests have been performed to date so nobody knows for certain. People with fish allergies should not use this fat blocker though.

Does Chitosan work?

Clinical studies have shown that it can lower cholesterol but no studies have been done on humans with regard weight loss. Animal trials have been conducted. From what we have seen we don’t think it works for weight loss.

Alternative fat blockers

The best fat blocker is also the best diet pill we have reviewed, Proactol. Another good one though only available by prescription is Xenical though this one has some side effects.