Ultimate Maqui Berry

Ultimate Maqui Berry(88)

maqbery Ultimate Maqui BerryUltimate Maqui Berry is easily just that, the ultimate detox berry around. This has been voted the best detox slimming pill around this year.

Before this was the Pure Acai berry which everyone swore by and still has a very good review on here. Now that Maqui is available it has out performed Acai easily and so many people are switching to it.


What’s in Ultimate Maqui Berry?

Just the berry, there are no additives or preservatives, this is 100% Maqui and as such is well known to be the strongest antioxidant available.

Why Pick Ultimate Maqui Berry?

  • You can lose up to 5lb a week
  • Less cholesterol in your body
  • Boosts metabolism

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Are there any side effects?

No, this product is 100% natural and is even picked using the best filtration system around meaning you get the most potent berries available.

Are there alternatives?

Pure Acai Berry is the next best but if you can get Maqui this is easily the more powerful and better detox supplement.

How will I benefit from this?

This is the best detox product around and if you are one of those people who have trouble sticking to diets this will help you lose weight. It’s even the 4th best diet pill on the market now in our opinion.

You can buy the Ultimate Maqui Berry here

Caralluma Burn

Caralluma Burn(81)

8205 Caralluma BurnCaralluma Burn is an appetite suppressant that has been used by Indian tribes for thousands of years. It is used to suppress hunger and to give you that extra energy to do things.

It is made from the caralluma fimbriata plant which is a type of cactus. It has been eaten as part of the regular diet in India and is well known for it’s dietary properties.


How Does Caralluma Work?

It mainly works as an appetite suppressant so as long as you take this before your main meal then just one tablet a day will help you feel fuller for longer. This means smaller portions and less snacks.

Why Choose Caralluma Burn?

  • No more hunger pangs
  • Stop snacking between meals
  • Natural way to lose weight

More info on Caralluma Burn can be found here

Are There Any Side Effects?

In all the centuries it has been used in India none have ever been reported. This is as expected as the ingredients are 100 % natural vegetable.

Are There Alternatives?

Yes, there are quite a few with Unique Hoodia being our best appetite suppressant and also our top seller.

What Type Of Person Should Use This?

This great diet pill is designed for those of you who can’t stop snacking between meals or use very large portions. By making you feel fuller for longer you won’t feel the need to snack and just won’t be able to eat large portions.

You can buy Caralluma Burn at Slimming.com

Bonita Carb Blocker

Bonita Carb Blocker (80)


8227 Bonita Carb BlockerBonita comes in two forms at the moment, Bonita Fat Burner and this one, Bonita Carb Blocker.

This product is very similar to Dietrine, in fact it comes from slimming.com as well. Most people that have tried both have said this one works better but then you pay the same for 20 days supply of these as you do for a full months supply of Dietrine so it depends on your budget.

How does Bonita work?

It works the same as other carb blockers in that it stops the body from absorbing carbs and converting them to glucose. Because of this the body has to use your stores of energy, in other words the fat from your body.

Why pick Bonita Carb Blocker?

  • Digest less carbs
  • Consume less calories
  • 100% natural ingredients

Bonita can be found at Slimming.com


Are there any side effects?

As with most products that are 100% natural these herbal diet pills have no side effects.

Are there decent alternatives?

There are a few, DeCarb and Dietrine are cheaper options and do the same type of job though Bonita has better reports. The best weight loss pills that we have found are Unique Hoodia and Proactol but neither work the same way, as a carb blocker.

Who would benefit most from Bonita?

This is really for those that can’t lay off the pasta or potatoes, cakes or biscuits, all the nicer foods that contain a load of carbs. Even bread has a load of carbs so if you really have to have any of these then these slimming tablets will be of use to you.

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