Slim Weight Patch

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11485 Slim Weight PatchSlim Weight Patch are trying to undo what other patches have done over the last few years. Where other patches such as Lepatch failed publicly and were made to be taken off the market and even fined this new patch actually works.

The main difference between this slimming patch and others is the unique band aid material instead of the usual rubber patch which allows the skin to breathe better.

What’s in a slimweight patch?

There are a lot of ingredients, all of which aid weight loss through one form or another.  Fucus Vesiculosus, 5 HTP, Guarana, Garcinia cambogia, DHEA, Zinc Pyruvate and Yerba Mate are just some of them which makes this patch capable of doing what a lot of pills do.

Why buy Slim Weight Patch?

  • Patches deliver 95% active ingredients
  • Same amount present in bloodstream through the day
  • Less chance of side effects

You can find out more about this slimming patch here

What else is different about the patches?

11328 Slim Weight PatchFirstly you can lose weight even while you sleep and you don’t need to remember anything except the patch first thing in the morning. As mentioned above you get 95% of the active ingredients as opposed to pills and tablets where you get just 5%.

With pills you get a large dose which diminishes the longer you go before the next diet pill, with a patch the dosage is stable through the day.

Are there any side effects?

None have been reported as yet and as with dieting pills or tablets where the biggest danger of side effects happen while digesting the ingredients most problems are sidestepped.

Does the patch work?

11054 Slim Weight PatchIn our opinion and in a word, yes. Every ingredient has a job, whether as an appetite suppressant or for extra energy they all play a part. The biggest thing they have managed to get around is the way it gets into the bloodstream, this way works.

There are many advantages of patches over pills as slimming aids but most people would believe that where one company failed all the others will. Well, we have tested a load of products and this beats a lot of the diet pills. Without further tests we cannot say this is the best product but it is effective.

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Tava Tea Diet Drink

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11609 Tava Tea Diet DrinkTava Tea is an herbal tea made by Roduve that claims to be a natural herbal weight loss tea.

Most people will have heard that green teas are good for your diet because they have been shown to have diuretic,  weight loss and cleansing qualities. Tava tea has all of the qualities of the best green teas mixed together, basically giving you what drinking all the different ones would.

What’s in Tava Tea?

Tava tea is a blend of all the best green teas as mentioned above, Wuyi Cliff, Sencha, Puerh and Oolong tea are all present and provide something good. Some for example are antioxidants while others help against heart disease, Puerh has even been used with other medicines and proven to slow the growth of cancer cells.

Why choose Tava Tea?

  • You will have more energy
  • It has anti aging properties
  • Excellent health properties like lower cholesterol

You can get more info about Tava Tea here

What the media say about Tava Tea

13342 Tava Tea Diet DrinkTava tea has been very popular in the media with the Daily Star and Sunday Express openly saying what a good product it is.

The thing that put most of these articles in the papers was when they found out how many celebrities were using it. Famous people from Posh Spice to Courtney Cox all mention using it to help keep slim and we can see see how well it works for them.

Are there any side effects?

The most harmful thing in Tava Tea is caffeine and even then it is lower than coffee or your normal teas. Other than that it is 100% herbal and has been used by Chinese people for centuries with so far no side effects mentioned.

What do we think of Tava Tea?

11625 Tava Tea Diet Drink
Tava tea is a great product for both it’s health benefits and it’s weight loss benefits. As a diet drink it makes it worthwhile on it’ s own as it does the job of a lot of greent teas which would cost you a lot of money.

Another plus for some people is that drinking tea is much preferable to taking diet pills.

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Decarb Carb Blocker

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13090 Decarb Carb BlockerDecarb is the UK leading carb blocker which comes from Goldshield, the company that brings you Lipobind and Appesat.

It works by blocking out up to 66% of the carbs you eat so for people who like the carb diet this is a good product. If you manage to stop your body storing carbs which can be used for energy then the body will have to use some of the stored fats for energy.

Has Decarb been proven to block carbs?

Yes, in clinical tests people who had taken this slimming aid absorbed 25% less calories then the people who hadn’t. It also showed that it blocked up to 66% of carbs being absorbed.

Why pick Decarb?

  • Absorbs less calories per meal
  • Forces the body to use stored fat
  • Can work well with all other diets

There is more info on Decarb here

Are there any famous users of this?

success gail porter Decarb Carb BlockerThe main two that spring to mind are Linda Robson and Gail Porter pictured right.

Gail gave her story to the Daily Mail where she claimed to have lost over a stone with the help of Decarb and to be feeling the best she had felt in a long time.

Are there any side effects?

Decarb is made from a natural glycoprotein which is found in the white kidney bean. As this is 100% natural there shouldn’t be any side effects and to date none have been reported.

What type of person would benefit from this?

In our opinion the best sort of person this could help is somebody who likes their carbs. If you like your potatoes, bread and biscuits too much to leave them alone then this product is well recommended and you will see a slimmer you.

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