Different Types Of Diet Pills

Different Types Of Diet Pills

One of the most asked questions we get is what do the different types of diet pills do? There are many different types and below we explain what type does what. We also give an example of one good diet pill per category.

Appetite Suppressants - These work by stopping certain chemicals being released by the brain that tells your body it’s time to eat. This means less hunger pangs and you feel fuller from smaller meals. A good appetite suppressant is Unique Hoodia.

Carb Blockers – These work by stopping your body absorbing carbs and turning them into glucose. This means your body has to use stored body fat for energy instead of the glucose. The best carb blocker we reviewed is Bonita.

Colon Cleanser – These work different to most diet pills. Instead of helping you lose body fat as such they remove all the built up waste in your system including intestines. This gets rid of toxins and helps your body to process food better. The best colon cleanser reviewed is called Blessed Herbs.

Detox – A detox diet pill will help you get rid of all the toxins in your body. This will speed up how you digest food and allow less fat to be stored as it is going straight through your system. We haven’t reviewed many as yet but the best so far is Slim Kick Chilli Pills.

Fat Binders – A fat binder will stop your system from absorbing fat. It binds it to the food making it go right through your system which sometimes results in an oily discharge. This is very effective and the best fat binder is also the best diet pill we have reviewed, Proactol.

Fat Blockers – A fat blocker works in an almost identical way to a fat binder. It stops your body absorbing fat and instead it goes straight through sometimes leaving the discharge as above. The best fat blocker is Xenical which is prescription only, the second best is Alli.

Fat Burners – Fat burners work by increasing your metabolism allowing you to burn off more energy and fat. You also end up with more energy. These are fast becoming the more popular diet pills. The best fat burner and most famous reviewed is Capsiplex, otherwise called the chili diet pill.

All the diet pills above give you something different, a few ways to lose weight but some give you a combination. For instance Slim Kick is a fat burner and a detox. You should be able to find the one that works best for you.

Accuslim Fat Burner

Accuslim Fat Burner(67)

Accuslim Accuslim Fat BurnerAccuslim Advanced Fat Burner is a basic fat burner but after all the other things they have exaggerated they probably thought putting advance in the title would help sales.

They compare this to the banned Ephedra while it is nothing like it. It doesn’t come close to giving the weight loss you would have received from Ephedra and in all honesty we doubt you would get any weight loss from these at all. Another claim of theirs is that this slimming tablet uses under used ingredients while we have checked the list and it uses all the usual fat burning ingredients as the others.

How does Accuslim work?

It is written up as a fat burner meaning it would burn the bodies fat stores but the manufacturer also claim it works to suppress your appetite.

What will i get from Accuslim? (according to them)

  • Burn stores of body fat
  • Preserve lean muscle
  • Reduce cravings for sweets
  • Reduce appetite

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Are there side effects?

Nothing much, maybe higher heart rate at most.

What are the ingredients?

Ginseng, Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Rhodiola Rosea, Chromium and Vavadium are included but the main one is Advantra Z, the supposed Ephedra replacement.

Would we buy it?

No, while you may lose minimal weight and we stress may there are better fat burners such as Capsiplex or other diet pills like Proactol or Unique Hoodia.

7 Day Fat Burner

7 Day Fat Burner(52)

7 day fat burner 7 Day Fat Burner7 Day Fat Burner is better known on the internet as 7 DFB. It is made by the same people who made Orovo and Lipovox and unfortunately seems to have the same reputation.

They claim you can lose between 7 and 14lbs in just one week which is simply unbelievable. Another thing it has in common with the other two diet pills is all the complaints that have come flooding in about how ineffective it is. This company seems to rely on a massive marketing strategy and when one pill starts losing sales they move on to the next one.

How does 7 DFB work?

It uses a load of natural ingredients to produce a diuretic effect so really it isn’t a fat burner as the name suggests. In fact none of the ingredients aid fat burning.

What will 7 DFB give you?

  • Lose weight
  • Detox your system

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Are there side effects?

None but that’s what you would expect from something what seems to have no effects at all.

Does 7 DFB work?

In our opinion no, it may help you lose some initial weight by making you go to the toilet a lot more but obviously that is short lived weight loss.

What are the ingredients?

It has 35 different natural ingredients so better not to name them but none of them are fat burners.

Would we recommend it?

Sorry but no, it may give a slight boost at the start but that won’t last long so as a weight loss tablet it is no use.

Slimming tablet alternatives

Better to stay from anything this manufacturer makes so going for Capsiplex as an alternative fat burner or Proactol as a fat binder is probably the best.