Zotrim Weight Loss Pills

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Zotrim is one of the older diet pills on the market and has survived all the newer ones on the market by being affordable and effective.

All you have to do with these is take two tablets before meals and you will feel fuller after eating less. It also takes away the cravings for high calorie foods such as chocolate and sweets.

The Zotrim Test

The BBC undertook a test where Zotrim was pitched against other diet pills and weight loss aids and they came out with the results that Zotrim easily performed the best. Another test used a control group using placebos and again the group taking Zotrim lost a lot more weight.

What does Zotrim Give You?

These weight loss supplements help you loose weight by two methods. Firstly it works as an appetite suppressant making you feel fuller all the time. Secondly it leaves you feeling full of energy and giving you the need to burn off calories. This is the basis of Zotrim, called calories in and calories out.

Why choose Zotrim?

  • Be full of energy all the time
  • No more starving, always feel full
  • One of the cheapest pills on the market

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Is Zotrim Expensive?

13218 Zotrim Weight Loss PillsZotrim is one of the cheapest diet pills on the market. A study found that if used properly it would cost an average of £4.50 for each pound you lose whereas the next best was over £30 per pound.

Even though you can buy this from places like Tesco and other supermarkets you can buy it directly from Zotrim at a much cheaper price.

Why is Zotrim less known than other brands?

Firstly it’s down to marketing, Zotrim have kept it’s costs down by not spending a fortune on advertising. This has worked in fact as you can get a single months supply for £22 and large discounts for larger amounts.

 Zotrim Weight Loss PillsOne of the best things that has happened to Zotrim was the BBC2 program that showed how well it worked. It was aired on Professor Regans Diet Clinic where she went about seemingly trying to prove that diet pills were worthless. She could not manage that with Zotrim and pretty much approved of it.

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Unique Hoodia Diet Pills

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7445 150x150 Unique Hoodia Diet Pills

Unique Hoodia is the only true diet pill that uses RAW Hoodia. Every other product that claims it is using Hoodia actually use Hoodia extract which is the equivalent of using diluted squash as opposed to fresh orange juice.

This product is 100% Hoodia Gordonii with no additives of any kind. Because of this these weight loss pills have more Hoodia in them than any other product currently on the market.

More tablets for your money

While most internet sites sell boxes with just 60 diet hoodia pills here you get a full 50% extra with 90 pills per box. When you also consider that these diet tablets have an extra 60mg hoodia than other pills then you can see it’s a lot better value for money using these.

Used in Africa for generations

Hoodia Gordonii comes form Africa where tribes have been using it for generations without any side effects or problems. This many people can’t be wrong, try it for yourself.

What will I get from Unique Hoodia?

12097 Unique Hoodia Diet PillsUnique Hoodia is an appetite suppressant which has been proven to make you feel full. It sends impulses to the hypothalamus gland, the part of the brain that tells you if you are hungry making you think you are full. This has been proved to help people consume up to 2000 calories less every day. The biggest problem for most people is they always feel hungry on a diet, this stops that feeling.

Why pick Unique Hoodia?

  • Feel fuller for longer
  • You get a full 6 month guarantee
  • Good discounts for 4 month or above package
  • A slimmer you within a month

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A full 6 month money back guarantee

These are classed as some of the best diet pills around at the moment and the sellers are that confident they provide a full 6 month guarantee. With these diet pills weight loss really is guaranteed and at the current price is well worth a try.

Limited time discount offer

 Unique Hoodia Diet PillsFor a limited time you can get these with a 10% discount using code UHCR10 making this an even better offer. This offer is only available for the 4 months or over supplies which should be enough to get you to be a slimmer you.

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Fenphedra Diet Pills

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fenphedra Fenphedra Diet PillsFenphedra Diet Pills are another of the ones that state they help you lose weight by affecting your CART the same as the diet pill Nuphedragen.

Their website tries to confuse you into buying the product saying it is a chemically altered diet pill and use terms such as cocaine in their description which for most people would be a fast way to put them off it. We suspect that because of their similarities that Fenphedra and Nuphedragen are basically the same diet pill with a different label but probably work as well as each other, not at all.

How does Fenphedra work?

It is a fat burner and works by increasing your metabolism allowing you to burn off more calories. Most of this review will be the same as Nuphedragen anyway.

What could Fenphedra give you?

  • Less hunger
  • Less cravings
  • More energy
  • Increased metabolism

Is this the best fat burner?

Not by a long way, Capsiplex is a good fat burner but the best fat burner around at the moment is Meratol.

Are there any side effects?

You may have trouble sleeping but taking the diet pill early enough should solve that. Some have also reported slight headaches as well.

Do we recommend it?

No, we don’t believe it works and also the returns policy is an email facility only. Apart from that the customer complaints and feedback is very poor.

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