Size Zero Diet pill

Size Zero Diet pill(57)

size zero Size Zero Diet pillSize Zero is one of the most searched for diet pills on the net. It is also one of the most debated as it is seen as dangerous because of it’s side effects and even being size zero is seen as being too thin.

The pill promotes a size that a lot of people see as dangerous to your health and the fact the pill was originally designed for horses. Yes, you heard that right, designed for horses, this should make most of you stop and think about how safe this could really be.

How does Size Zero work?

It works by raising your core temperature allowing you to burn fat faster. It also works as an appetite suppressant.

What will I get from Size Zero?

  • Burn fat at an increased rate
  • Feel hungry less
  • You will lose weight

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Is Size Zero safe to use?

size zero2 Size Zero Diet pillSize Zero fat burner uses Clenbuterol to increase your heart rate. This alone can cause heart attacks, strokes, high anxiety and panic attacks and can even prove fatal.

The FDA have approved this appetite suppressant and fat burner for ANIMALS only. It has not been approved for human consumption.

Now if you imagine a pill that can increase the heart rate of a horse so much then you should realise how dangerous this could be for humans. Apart from anything else looking at the lady in the picture is that what you really want?

Does Size Zero work?

Yes, most definitely, in the short term. Once the Clenbuterol has passed through your system though you will inevitably put the weight back on. Also the risks in our opinion far outweigh the results.

Safer fat burners

In our opinion a safer fat burner is Capsiplex, a safer appetite suppressant is Unique Hoodia and safer diet pill would be Proactol. You should choose what type of diet pill you want and try these instead.

7 Day Fat Burner

7 Day Fat Burner(52)

7 day fat burner 7 Day Fat Burner7 Day Fat Burner is better known on the internet as 7 DFB. It is made by the same people who made Orovo and Lipovox and unfortunately seems to have the same reputation.

They claim you can lose between 7 and 14lbs in just one week which is simply unbelievable. Another thing it has in common with the other two diet pills is all the complaints that have come flooding in about how ineffective it is. This company seems to rely on a massive marketing strategy and when one pill starts losing sales they move on to the next one.

How does 7 DFB work?

It uses a load of natural ingredients to produce a diuretic effect so really it isn’t a fat burner as the name suggests. In fact none of the ingredients aid fat burning.

What will 7 DFB give you?

  • Lose weight
  • Detox your system

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Are there side effects?

None but that’s what you would expect from something what seems to have no effects at all.

Does 7 DFB work?

In our opinion no, it may help you lose some initial weight by making you go to the toilet a lot more but obviously that is short lived weight loss.

What are the ingredients?

It has 35 different natural ingredients so better not to name them but none of them are fat burners.

Would we recommend it?

Sorry but no, it may give a slight boost at the start but that won’t last long so as a weight loss tablet it is no use.

Slimming tablet alternatives

Better to stay from anything this manufacturer makes so going for Capsiplex as an alternative fat burner or Proactol as a fat binder is probably the best.

Lipovox Slimming Pills

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lipovox Lipovox Slimming PillsLipovox weight loss pills are branding themselves a superpill. Their reason for this is the outlandish claims of weight loss but along with that a list of extra things it can help with.

Similar to Orovo it claims you can burn up to 400% more fat than normal dieting but also claims to be anti aging similar to Orovo with one extra feature, it can clear up your acne. Now I know this goes well in the US where people tend to believe a lot more hype than over in the UK but surely people need to question such unbelievable claims.


How does Lipovox work?

Basically read Orovo reivew or to sum it up, it doesn’t. It’s supposed to be full of superfoods which help with loads of conditions.

What will Lipovox give me?

  • Supoosedly incredible weight loss
  • Less spots
  • look younger

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Does Lipovox work?

It’s hard to answer this but in our opinion no chance. There are some who claim that it works but at least double as many send in complaints that it doesn’t.

What’s in Lipovox?

Brazilian Acai, Barley Juice, Buck Wheat, Alfalfa Extracts, Cayenne Pepper, Wheat Grass, Green Tea and Salmon. There are others but too many to mention. The funny thing is the only real superfood in there is the Acai. I mean, salmon as a diet ingredient, may as well go on a fish diet.

Are there side effects?

Not unless you include no weight loss as an effect. We can’t say about the acne or age reversal but if a fountain of youth existed I think it would be a little better known.

Would we buy it?

A definite no even though this diet pill is so well searched. Lipovox and even Orovo and 7 day fat burner are searched well on the net mainly because of the large scale marketing campaign so for us to give a good review would be better for this site but the fact is we would lose all credibility.

Alternative diet pills

The only alternatives to this are Orovo and 7DFB but if you are looking for weight loss pills that work then we suggest Proactol or Unique Hoodia