Best Diet Pills Reviewed

Best Diet Pills Reviewed


On our index on the left you will find reviews of all the best weight loss pills around at the moment.  To be neutral though we have also reviewed some of the worst ones so please read the reviews carefully.

All of our reviews carry a number by the side as our score of the best diet pills out of 100 which takes into consideration effectiveness, price and customer feedback.

Some of these slimming pills can be harmful or have very bad side effects while others have none. Some are also available on prescription. Below are our 4 best diet pills.

1sr (96) Meratol Diet Pills

meratol Best Diet Pills Reviewed

Meratol is the newest and best diet pill we have reviewed. Instead of concentrating on a single way to lose weight it combines as an appetite suppressant, carb blocker and fat burner.

Each has their advantages but combined they can work wonders. This has been described as a miracle diet pill in the papers and rightly so, it is also endorsed by a lot of celebrities.

2nd (95) Proactol Fat Binder

80651 Best Diet Pills ReviewedProactol is a fat binder that has all the qualities of the famous Xenical without any of the side effects you get with it and is the best diet pill we reviewed.

This great diet pill is 100% herbal and is a big help in losing weight. It has the CE mark of approval meaning it has medical benefits and is safe to use. This is in our opinion the best slimming tablet available at the moment.

3rd (92) Unique Hoodia Appetite Suppressant

7445 Best Diet Pills ReviewedUnique Hoodia is in our opinion the best appetite suppressant.It uses 100% Hoodia Gordonii instead of the other products around that tend to use Hoodia extract.

It works by stopping you from feeling hungry and this product has the highest strength that you can get. It is also 100% natural and thus free of side effects.


4th (89) Capsiplex Fat Burner

12041 Best Diet Pills ReviewedCapsiplex is both a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. It is very effective as both, mainly as a fat burner and the amount of publicity this product has got has made it the sought after diet pill.

It claims to burn calories while you sit at your desk and has many celebrity backers that all say they have lost weight using it. It has also been called the Chili Diet Pill.

Phen375 Appetite Suppressant

Phen 375 Appetite Suppressant (69)


131212 Phen375 Appetite SuppressantPhen375 is a synthetic version of Phentermine which is an ingredient used in prescription only diet pills. This has been one of the most questioned substances in dieting as it has the effect of amphetamines, ie the drug speed.

This means Phen 375 has all the effects of Phentermine but without the side effects and of course it’s legal. This can also help you lose 3-5lbs every week.

What’s in Phen 375?

As said above the main ingredient is Phentermine but it is ONLY a synthetic substitute that recreates the same effects as it and as such is a very good dieting aid.

Why choose Phen 375?

  • It’s an appetite suppressant so no more hunger pains
  • Excellent fat burning attributes
  • Feeling of always having excess energy

You can read more about Phen 375 here

Is this product safe?

8805 Phen375 Appetite SuppressantIt is in this form, Phen 375 is now made within FDA regulations and is even available without prescription.

It is a little like Alli which is a weaker form of Xenical, this has taken all the properties of Phentermine and extracted the good bits from the bad bits.

Are there any side effects?

Not with this product. Phentermine can cause things like high blood pressure, mood swing and insomnia amongst quite a few others but Phen 375 has none of these.

What’s the best deal for this dieting aid?

 Phen375 Appetite SuppressantThe best deal at the moment on their site is buy 3 months worth and get 1 months supply free.

This is a good offer as this isn’t the cheapest product at about £46 per month but since it claims an amazing 3-5lbs per week it may well be worth it.

You can buy a new slimmer you form here

Capsiplex Fat Burner

Capsiplex Fat Burner (89)


12041 Capsiplex Fat Burner Capsiplex fat burner is the new kid on the block as far as diet pills are concerned but it came in with a bang. It had so much hype and so many celebrity endorsements that people wondered if it would really live up to what was expected from it.

One year down the line and it seems it actually does what it says.


Who uses Capsiplex fat burner?

The most famous people are Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and even Brad Pitt but there are loads of other celebrities using the Capsiplex fat burner. On it’s launch in Britain it made over 2000 sales and it continues to sell more and more each day.

Why buy Capsiplex fat burner?

  • Burn an extra 278 calories sat at your desk
  • Have more energy though the day
  • See a slimmer you in under a month

Click here to go straight to their site

When the press got hold of it

12161 Capsiplex Fat Burner

The press made such a fuss of this but everything that has happened since has been good. They claimed you could lose weight at your desk and have been proved right with tests also showing that people using Capsiplex fat burner lost 278 calories more than people on the placebo.

Beware of fakes on the net

Unfortunately quite a few people have written to the company saying that these weight loss supplements didn’t work but after checking through their claims it turns out most had bought theirs on the net through ebay and other companies. When tested it turned out these tablets were fake.

What’s in the tablets?

12166 Capsiplex Fat BurnerThe main ingredients of Capsiplex fat burner are capsicum and chili hence the nickname the chili diet pill. These help to speed up your metabolism so much that they claim you can lose up to 1.4 stone in 4 weeks from these amazing diet pills alone.  Taking these pills is the equivalent of walking for 80 minutes or jogging for 25 minutes.

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