Slim Kick Chilli Pills

Slim Kick Chilli Pills(88)

SlimKick Bottle Slim Kick Chilli PillsSlim Kick Chilli Pills are the latest diet pills that use a metabolism booster to help you lose weight. A lot have appeared since the amount of media attention received by Capsiplex and this is quite a good product.

Anybody who has eaten hot peppers will have noticed how much they perspire, this is the best sign that you metabolism is going through the roof. This happens as the peppers raise the bodies internal heat which increases the natural fat burning of your body. Even without exercise your body will burn more calories.

What is SlimKick?

SlimKick is a fat burner as it increases your metabolism to burn more fat. It is also an appetite suppressant and even works as a detox pill.

Why buy SlimKick?

  • Burn calories even when doing no exercise
  • Feel less hungry at all times
  • You will have more energy
  • Also works as a detox system

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How does this compare with other diet pills?

slim kick Slim Kick Chilli PillsSlim Kick is one of those all round weight loss supplements that compares well with Capsiplex, there aren’t that many that can. As well as being on a par with it’s fat burning abilities it also acts as an appetite suppressant and a detox system.

There are many testimonials on there site and we have about a lot more that have had great success with these slimming tablets. These fat burners are very new on the market which is why not many will have heard of them but once the celebrities start taking these we think it will take off as well as Capsiplex did.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been reported but as the ingredients are all herbal with chili as the main ingredient then none can be expected.

What sort of person will this help lose weight?

All sorts really though it is mainly aimed at the people who have trouble following an exercise routine. You can really lose weight sitting in a chair but it is recommended to stick to medium calorie meals when using these diet pills. They burn fat but if you eat 10 cakes a day it won’t help you.

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Blessed Herbs

Blessed Herbs(84)

colon cleansing ginger Blessed HerbsBlessed Herbs is a colon cleanser that works as a complete detox kit. It claims to remove large quantities of trapped waste in the digestive system.

It has been said before that a grown man can carry up to 7lbs of undigested meat. This can force toxin into the body and make slimming very difficult. Just by getting rid of the undigested food alone could see you lose weight but getting rid of those toxins as well will leave you feeling healthier and with more energy.

What does Blessed Herbs do?

It is a unique formula that helps remove waste from your system, not just the small and large intestines but also the gall bladder, pancreas and liver. This gets rid of the toxins in your body.

Why buy Blessed Herbs?

  • You will feel healthier and more energetic
  • Feel more awake and alert
  • Lose weight easily
  • Need the toilet 2-3 times daily

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What do you get with Blessed Herbs?

8662 Blessed HerbsYou get quite a few things with this including a dosage calender, a users guide and a glass shaker with lid.

You get 30 packets of a toxin absorber either in ginger or peppermint and a digestive stimulator which is basically 90 vegetarian capsules to boost the results. All in all it is a very complete system that covers everything.


How does this compare to others?

There is nothing really to compare it to, it is a unique system that does work well though the price will put a lot of people off.

Are there any side effects?

No, it is totally herbal and no side effects have been reported.

What type of person would benefit from this?

We hate to say this about a good product but basically a rich person. Even though this works very well it costs £75 including the 30% discount from buying online using the link below.

It is worth it but nowadays not so many people can afford this, if you can though this is a great system. The reason this product got 84/100 was down to price alone, it would have been much higher otherwise.

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Ultimate Maqui Berry

Ultimate Maqui Berry(88)

maqbery Ultimate Maqui BerryUltimate Maqui Berry is easily just that, the ultimate detox berry around. This has been voted the best detox slimming pill around this year.

Before this was the Pure Acai berry which everyone swore by and still has a very good review on here. Now that Maqui is available it has out performed Acai easily and so many people are switching to it.


What’s in Ultimate Maqui Berry?

Just the berry, there are no additives or preservatives, this is 100% Maqui and as such is well known to be the strongest antioxidant available.

Why Pick Ultimate Maqui Berry?

  • You can lose up to 5lb a week
  • Less cholesterol in your body
  • Boosts metabolism

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Are there any side effects?

No, this product is 100% natural and is even picked using the best filtration system around meaning you get the most potent berries available.

Are there alternatives?

Pure Acai Berry is the next best but if you can get Maqui this is easily the more powerful and better detox supplement.

How will I benefit from this?

This is the best detox product around and if you are one of those people who have trouble sticking to diets this will help you lose weight. It’s even the 4th best diet pill on the market now in our opinion.

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