trimspa diet tablets TrimspaTrimspa is a decent looking weight loss pill that shot to fame when Anna Nicole Smith told the media she lost 30lbs in under a couple of months. She claimed it was through Trimspa and nothing else but this was later found out to be a lie.

She had actually abused the pill by taking too much, used laxatives and colon cleansers as well as starving herself. This has to be one of the most dangerous methods of weight loss and as such not recommended.

What is Trimspa?

Trimspa is an appetite suppressant what helps to stop hunger. This also stops certain cravings for fatty foods.

What Timspa gives you

  • Less hunger pangs
  • Less cravings
  • More energy

What’s in Trimspa?

The main ingredient now is Unique Hoodia along with Chromium, Glucomannan, Cocoa Extract, Green Tea Extract and a few others. This is different from the older version of Trimspa which used the now banned Ephedra.

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Are there side effects?

There are a few that have been reported. These include anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, restlessness, chest pain and vomiting.

Would we buy it?

No, this product counts on Unique Hoodia to work and actually costs more than it. You may as well buy the real thing plus there are no side effects with Unique Hoodia.



anatrim AnatrimAnatrim is one of those diet pills that we just hate having to review. The company has already got a bad name for various other products and adding this one seemed to be no problem to them.

It never fills us with confidence to see a website with no visible address or means of contact. This is a classic way for a company to make money fast then disappear. With no way to contact them there is no way to get a refund or report a problem.

How does Anatrim work?

It associates itself closely with Hoodia which is an appetite suppressant which works by stopping you feeling hungry.

What should Anatrim give me?

  • No more hunger pangs
  • No more cravings
  • Eat less fatty foods

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Are there any side effects?

No because we just can’t see any ingredients that can cause side effects or weight loss.

Why are we so sure it won’t work?

Apart from the lack of contact address there is the fact that they have had to resort to spamming people for a chance to make sales. Everyone seems to realise what a bad product this is.

Is there a guarantee?

Does it matter, if you can’t get hold of them then they have no way to honour a guarantee.

Unique Hoodia is a good appetite suppressant

Why Use Diet Pills?

Why Use Diet Pills?

A lot of people say that diet pills don’t help and that they can lose weight from normal dieting alone. We agree that there are such people around and that they can lose weight without using diet pills. The fact is though that many people need that little bit extra to lose weight.

When most people diet they have one of two problems. Either they have cravings for sweet things or they snack between meals. There are others that just have to have a full plate of something but all of these can be helped with one type of diet pill or another.

Appetite suppressants are great for those that have to have snacks or full plates of food as these diet pills help you feel fuller with smaller meals and for longer periods so snacks won’t be needed. Of course there are those that just prefer sweets so these won’t help so much.

For the people who love sweets or fatty foods such as take aways or curries then diet pills that block or bind fat would be ideal. Fat blockers or fat binders basically stop the body from absorbing some or even most of the fat that such foods and sweets leave behind.

There are a few other pills that combine both appetite suppressant and fat blockers or binders which work for all these problems. The other problems such as drinking too much alcohol for instance can only be beaten with a lot of will power but there is only so much that any diet pill can do too help you lose weight.