Capsiplex Fat Burner

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12041 Capsiplex Fat Burner Capsiplex fat burner is the new kid on the block as far as diet pills are concerned but it came in with a bang. It had so much hype and so many celebrity endorsements that people wondered if it would really live up to what was expected from it.

One year down the line and it seems it actually does what it says.


Who uses Capsiplex fat burner?

The most famous people are Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and even Brad Pitt but there are loads of other celebrities using the Capsiplex fat burner. On it’s launch in Britain it made over 2000 sales and it continues to sell more and more each day.

Why buy Capsiplex fat burner?

  • Burn an extra 278 calories sat at your desk
  • Have more energy though the day
  • See a slimmer you in under a month

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When the press got hold of it

12161 Capsiplex Fat Burner

The press made such a fuss of this but everything that has happened since has been good. They claimed you could lose weight at your desk and have been proved right with tests also showing that people using Capsiplex fat burner lost 278 calories more than people on the placebo.

Beware of fakes on the net

Unfortunately quite a few people have written to the company saying that these weight loss supplements didn’t work but after checking through their claims it turns out most had bought theirs on the net through ebay and other companies. When tested it turned out these tablets were fake.

What’s in the tablets?

12166 Capsiplex Fat BurnerThe main ingredients of Capsiplex fat burner are capsicum and chili hence the nickname the chili diet pill. These help to speed up your metabolism so much that they claim you can lose up to 1.4 stone in 4 weeks from these amazing diet pills alone.  Taking these pills is the equivalent of walking for 80 minutes or jogging for 25 minutes.

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Unique Hoodia Diet Pills

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7445 150x150 Unique Hoodia Diet Pills

Unique Hoodia is the only true diet pill that uses RAW Hoodia. Every other product that claims it is using Hoodia actually use Hoodia extract which is the equivalent of using diluted squash as opposed to fresh orange juice.

This product is 100% Hoodia Gordonii with no additives of any kind. Because of this these weight loss pills have more Hoodia in them than any other product currently on the market.

More tablets for your money

While most internet sites sell boxes with just 60 diet hoodia pills here you get a full 50% extra with 90 pills per box. When you also consider that these diet tablets have an extra 60mg hoodia than other pills then you can see it’s a lot better value for money using these.

Used in Africa for generations

Hoodia Gordonii comes form Africa where tribes have been using it for generations without any side effects or problems. This many people can’t be wrong, try it for yourself.

What will I get from Unique Hoodia?

12097 Unique Hoodia Diet PillsUnique Hoodia is an appetite suppressant which has been proven to make you feel full. It sends impulses to the hypothalamus gland, the part of the brain that tells you if you are hungry making you think you are full. This has been proved to help people consume up to 2000 calories less every day. The biggest problem for most people is they always feel hungry on a diet, this stops that feeling.

Why pick Unique Hoodia?

  • Feel fuller for longer
  • You get a full 6 month guarantee
  • Good discounts for 4 month or above package
  • A slimmer you within a month

You can find more information on these brilliant herbal pills here

A full 6 month money back guarantee

These are classed as some of the best diet pills around at the moment and the sellers are that confident they provide a full 6 month guarantee. With these diet pills weight loss really is guaranteed and at the current price is well worth a try.

Limited time discount offer

 Unique Hoodia Diet PillsFor a limited time you can get these with a 10% discount using code UHCR10 making this an even better offer. This offer is only available for the 4 months or over supplies which should be enough to get you to be a slimmer you.

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miracleburn MiracleBurnMiracleBurn is one of the only diet pills to combine Hoodia and Advantra-Z. This in itself is worrying.

When a diet pill tries to combine 2 types of dieting into one then most of the time what you find is that neither works. MiracleBurn is combining a fat burner with an appetite suppressant.

How does MiracleBurn work?

It supposedly gives the effects of both fat burners and suppressants so you won’t feel hungry and will burn off fat quicker than normal.

Why choose Miracle?

If there claims can be believed then you wil:

  • Burn fat faster
  • Less hunger pangs
  • Less cravings

A better fat burner is Capsiplex

Does MiracleBurn work?

We believe not, mixing diet methods rarely works and there are some worrying things about their site.

Are there any side effects?

No, none have been reported. We can’t tell from the ingredients if there can be any risks as they don’t give the dosage of some items.

What are the ingredients?

The main ones are Hoodia and Adventra-Z. You can usually tell by the dosages how well a product might work but they have hidden the dosage. If for example Hoodia works, which we know it does, then it will depend on the dosage, for all we know they use next to nothing of it in this and instead do what some other diet pills do, fill the pill with a load of cheap fibre such as Glucomannan which is listed in their ingredients.

Would we buy it?

Not unless we could find out the exact dosage of the better ingredients. There are plenty of better products out there that include the main two ingredients or are solely based on these ingredients. For appetite suppressants we would chose Unique Hoodia and for fat burners we would choose Capsiplex.