Calxpel Fat Burner(82)

calxpel Calxpel Fat BurnerCalxpel is another good fat burner that is fairly new to the diet pills market. It works in the same way as other fat burners with the added bonus of being a decent appetite suppressant.

Another good thing about this fat burner is you just have to take two tablets once a day, before or after breakfast so no more forgetting to take your tablets.

How does Calxpel work?

It works by first boosting your metabolism to a very high rate and helping you to burn off the stored fat in the body. Next it works as an appetite suppressant so you feel fuller and eat less so there’s less fat going into your body.

Why buy Calxpel?

  • Feel fuller for longer
  • Burn fat for a slimmer you
  • Totally herbal
  • Just one dose a day

Find more info on Calxpel here

What is in Calxpel?

calxpel fat burner Calxpel Fat BurnerAs stated Calxpel is totally herbal. Ingredients include Citrus Aurantium Extract, Guarana Extract, Bee Pollen, Siberian Ginseng Root Powder and a few others.

The bee pollen is a bonus as it works as an antioxidant and gives extra nutrition.

Are there any side effects?

None, being totally herbal means there won’t be any side effects.

Is this the best fat burner?

No, the best fat burner around at the moment is Capsiplex but this is still very good. It has some extras like the bee pollen but for effectiveness Capsiplex wins.

You can buy Calxpel here