Bontril Appetite Suppressant(75)

bontril 135x150 Bontril Appetite SuppressantBontril is a prescription only appetite suppressant. Most of the diet pills are appetite suppressant as these are found to be the most effective weight loss supplements around.

As with most prescription diet pills there are many side effects which is why you should only get these from your GP. Never buy them from the internet or anywhere else as there are many risks with these pills.

What is Bontril?

Bontril is an appetite suppressant, much the same as Unique Hoodia with the exception that Hoodia is safe.

What are the side effects?

There are many but include headaches, restlessness, over stimulation, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, constipation, nervousness, insomnia, or dry mouth.

Looking for a safe appetite suppressant?

Apart from the risks doe it work?

Yes, it does work well, maybe even as well as Unique Hoodia but check with your GP before thinking about taking it and ask him how it compares with Hoodia.

Are there any other alternatives?

Unique Hoodia is the highest scoring alternative but there are others on here including Hoodia Patch and Appesat.