Bonita Carb Blocker (80)


8227 Bonita Carb BlockerBonita comes in two forms at the moment, Bonita Fat Burner and this one, Bonita Carb Blocker.

This product is very similar to Dietrine, in fact it comes from as well. Most people that have tried both have said this one works better but then you pay the same for 20 days supply of these as you do for a full months supply of Dietrine so it depends on your budget.

How does Bonita work?

It works the same as other carb blockers in that it stops the body from absorbing carbs and converting them to glucose. Because of this the body has to use your stores of energy, in other words the fat from your body.

Why pick Bonita Carb Blocker?

  • Digest less carbs
  • Consume less calories
  • 100% natural ingredients

Bonita can be found at


Are there any side effects?

As with most products that are 100% natural these herbal diet pills have no side effects.

Are there decent alternatives?

There are a few, DeCarb and Dietrine are cheaper options and do the same type of job though Bonita has better reports. The best weight loss pills that we have found are Unique Hoodia and Proactol but neither work the same way, as a carb blocker.

Who would benefit most from Bonita?

This is really for those that can’t lay off the pasta or potatoes, cakes or biscuits, all the nicer foods that contain a load of carbs. Even bread has a load of carbs so if you really have to have any of these then these slimming tablets will be of use to you.

You can find Bonita by clicking here