3 Best Appetite Suppressants

A lot of people seem to have visited the 3 best fat burners page so we thought we should give people more choice and make this page. This will give you some idea of what are the 3 best appetite suppressants reviewed on here.

Before we start we would like to state that third place would have gone to Reductil which works well but unfortunately is a prescription only diet pill so we have left that off.

These are the 3 top appetite suppressants from 1st to 3rd.

Best Appetite Suppressant

7445 Best Appetite Suppressants

Unique Hoodia is the only true diet pill that uses RAW Hoodia. Every other product that claims it is using Hoodia actually use Hoodia extract which is the equivalent of using diluted squash as opposed to fresh orange juice.

This product is 100% Hoodia Gordonii with no additives of any kind. Because of this these weight loss pills have more Hoodia in them than any other product currently on the market.

2nd Best Appetite Suppressant

12041 Best Appetite Suppressants

Capsiplex is the new kid on the block as far as diet pills are concerned but it came in with a bang. It had so much hype and so many celebrity endorsements that people wondered if it would really live up to what was expected from it.

One year down the line and it seems it actually does what it says.


3rd Best Appetite Suppressant

11673 Best Appetite SuppressantsPure Acai Berry is getting so much publicity now because of how well it works. There is also so little of it available that most people buy in bulk leaving even less to be bought.

The biggest problem with this berry is the regulations allowing only a little to be exported of this vastly over-cultivated berry. This means it is not so cheap but we believe it is one of the best diet aids around.


These are the top 3 appetite suppressants but there are many others over on our reviews on the left sidebar. Take a look and decide what’s best for you.