Appesat Appetite Suppressant (82)


8198 Appesat Appetite SuppressantAppesat is an herbal appetite suppressant that can only be found online even though it is an over the counter medicine. It is well sought after and available in the UK, Canada and America.

These slimming tablets come in capsule form and are made by Goldshield who are well regarded in the health food industry and also make products such as Lipobind, a well known fat binder

How does Appesat work?

It works the same way as other appetite suppressants, it makes you feel fuller for longer. This stops you snacking which is the number one problem for people dieting.

Why pick Appesat?

  • You will feel less hungry and eat less
  • You will lose fat, not water
  • It works before, during and after meals

You can find more information on Appesat here

Does anyone famous use Appesat?

 Appesat Appetite SuppressantProbably the most well known case is Vanessa Feltz. She is probably the biggest yoyo dieter around and has lost as much as 6 stone at a time to only put it back on again.

She started taking Appesat and has only good things to say about it after going from a dress size 18 to a 14 and this time managing to keep the weight off. She says she can now feel fuller for longer and go about eating some of the foods she loves without having to eat the whole plate of it.

Are there any side effects?

Some claims of dry skin and dehydration have led the makers of this diet tablet to advise people to drink 250ml of water with each capsule which has stopped this problem.

How does it compare to other suppressants?

Appesat is held in high regard, it can be compared to Unique Hoodia in some ways. Hoodia is classed as a better product but Appesat can hold it’s own and is also very cheap at under £20 for a months supply. If you pay for 6 packets it works out at £16.25 per pack.

You can buy Appesat here