Adipex Appetite Suppressant(85)

adipex p Adipex Appetite SuppressantAdipex Appetite Suppressant are a prescription only diet pill. It is one of the more commonly prescribed slimming pills by doctors and has been compared to Phentermine in the way it works and how well it works.

It has often been called Adipex-P because it contains some Phentermine but as with that product also has the possibility of side effects, some quite severe. This is the main reason for it being prescription only. While some other weight loss pills are herbal and entirely safe this pill is chemical based and could be dangerous.

How does Adipex work?

Adipex is an appetite suppressant and works by stopping you feeling hungry. They basically stop the transmitters in the brain that tell you when you should feel hungry.

What will Adipex give me?

  • Eat smaller meals
  • Feel less hungry all the time
  • No more cravings

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Are there side effects?

We thought we would list JUST a few here as there are so many. Dizziness, insomnia, dry mouth, diarrhea, constipation, itching, severe headache, increased blood pressure, numbness in limbs and seizures. There are others but this should give you enough to worry about.

With all those side effects who would use it?

The only people doctors would consider are those clinically obese whose health is at risk already. Even then they would weigh up the risks against the possible health benefits.

Would we use it?

Not personally no but if you are at a very risky weight then the doctor could prescribe this for you but we urge you to try other means first.

Where to get it

Only from the doctor, don’t try and buy cheap fakes from the net especially as the side effects are so severe. Instead of that you could try what we consider to be the best appetite suppressant, Unique Hoodia.