Adios Max (68)


8195 Adios Max Herbal Diet PillAdios Max is the better version of the very famous Adios herbal diet pill.This has been around for ages and competes most with Lipobind for the honour of being the best selling UK slimming pill.

Adios is found at most supermarkets such as Asda and also in most chemists, Boots actively promote this product, it is that good. This is called Adios Max as it is the maximum dosage allowed of this product.

What is Adios Max?

This is really a health supplement more than a diet pill in our opinion, it doesn’t give you loads more energy or anything like that, it just speeds up the metabolism so you urn up calories faster, it could even be described as a fat burner.

Why choose Adios Max?

  • Lose weight faster than just dieting
  • Totally natural, herbal pills

Are there any side effects?

Not really that many, some people have reported a few such as constipation which could cause some discomfort but nothing major.

Would I buy the slimming pills?

In a word, no. I know they are probably one of the cheaper products on the market at just over £11 online at but I honestly don’t think that should outweigh what you receive from a product. Many people even claim you will only lose water weight.

The main reason for me though is you have to stick strictly to the diet and exercise and basically I believe if i did that I would lose almo0st as much as I would with the pills.

If you want to find more info or to buy these diet pills go here