Acomplia Rimonabant(62)

acompliarimonabantreview Acomplia RimonabantAcomplia is a brand name for the prescription diet pill Rimonabant. While it works well as an appetite suppressant it does have serious side effects.

These side effects have been so bad, some potentially deadly that it was removed from the shelves at the end of 2008. Now it is prescription only and seems to be given out as a last resort after all other diet pills have failed. While it did work it is now possible to get the same results from a safer appetite suppressant.

What is Acomplia Rimonabant?

Acomplia Rimonabant was a very good appetite suppressant, not just that, because it was used to control cravings it was used at one point to help people with alcohol and smoking addictions.

What are the side effects?

Too many to mention really so we will go through the more serious ones. These include insomnia, panic attacks, vomiting, stomach cramps, memory loss and back pain.While being used to control addiction in a twist of fate it turns out this diet pill is addictive.

You can find safer alternatives here

Does Acomplia Rimonabant work?

Yes but medical experts have deemed the side effects far outweigh the benefits. This drug has even been linked to suicidal tendencies.

Where to buy it?

It is no longer available to buy so while this is a good appetite suppressant you can’t buy it.

What are the alternatives

There are many reviewed on this site including the number one appetite suppressant Unique Hoodia which is also available as a Hoodia Patch.