7 Day Fat Burner(52)

7 day fat burner 7 Day Fat Burner7 Day Fat Burner is better known on the internet as 7 DFB. It is made by the same people who made Orovo and Lipovox and unfortunately seems to have the same reputation.

They claim you can lose between 7 and 14lbs in just one week which is simply unbelievable. Another thing it has in common with the other two diet pills is all the complaints that have come flooding in about how ineffective it is. This company seems to rely on a massive marketing strategy and when one pill starts losing sales they move on to the next one.

How does 7 DFB work?

It uses a load of natural ingredients to produce a diuretic effect so really it isn’t a fat burner as the name suggests. In fact none of the ingredients aid fat burning.

What will 7 DFB give you?

  • Lose weight
  • Detox your system

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Are there side effects?

None but that’s what you would expect from something what seems to have no effects at all.

Does 7 DFB work?

In our opinion no, it may help you lose some initial weight by making you go to the toilet a lot more but obviously that is short lived weight loss.

What are the ingredients?

It has 35 different natural ingredients so better not to name them but none of them are fat burners.

Would we recommend it?

Sorry but no, it may give a slight boost at the start but that won’t last long so as a weight loss tablet it is no use.

Slimming tablet alternatives

Better to stay from anything this manufacturer makes so going for Capsiplex as an alternative fat burner or Proactol as a fat binder is probably the best.